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BackInUse - Available Equipment
Equipment Name Description
Canes We have regular single tip canes available. We have a few quad canes available
Commodes & Toilet Seat Risers Bedside Commodes and Toilet Seat Risers available!
Crutches - Metal Metal underarm crutches - various sizes
Power Chairs Scooters Power chairs & Scooters!! We have some Power Chairs available there is a short waiting list at this time. Scooters are Not available at this time.
Computers - Laptops and Desktops We have a variety of desktops and laptops available for qualified individuals and non-profits. Our priorities are individuals with disabilities, seniors,...
E-Reuse - not E-Waste!

At BackInUse, we focus on the reuse of computers, as well as Durable Medical Equipment. Most computers built within 3-5 years can be effectively refurbished and reused by persons who can't afford a new computer.

Reusing the computer extends the life of the computer, which otherwise may end up in a land fill, or broken up for parts before its time.

Reuse also creates skilled jobs for persons with disabilities. is operated by Adelante Development Center, Inc., a non-profit agency that has worked in support of New Mexicans with disabilities since 1978.
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